Here's an overview for getting started.

1. Create an account in this system.
2. Determine your collection method (POP3 or SMTP)
2. If using POP3, you will need to configure your firewall.
3. Enable journaling or retention.
4. Leverage your directory information to manage archive users and related attributes (LDAP integration). 
5. Enter your configuration information in the archive collector administrative control panel.
6. Manually Create user accounts to search your archive.

Next: Prepare Your Environment for Hosted Archiving

Read the instructions below for firewall and mail server configuration assistance.

1. If you are not using the SMTP collection method you will need to configure your firewall to allow inbound POP3 access to your mail server(s).
2. Enable the journaling or retention function for your messaging environment.
3. If using SMTP collection method, enter your destination mailbox on the archive service into your journaling rules. SMTP collection will capture, index, and archive emails up to 75MB in size by default.
4. If using POP3 collection method, enable POP3 access to your mail server(s).

Firewall Settings

Email Servers