Working with search results


The archiving service gives you the possibility to filter results. You can create a search and filter the displayed results right after creating it, or you can access an already created search and filter the results. The filtering capabilities of the archive will enable you to refine searches and add specific criteria within a search.

NOTE: If the terms or phrase your are searching for contains a ":" you need to include the search terms or phrase between quotation marks ("..."). For instance, if you are looking for the terms/phrase the broker did the following: then, you would have to write in search field: "the broker did the following:"

There is no filter support for the Lync message type. To return only these results, re-run the search with only Lync messages selected as the source (if supported).


        1- Create a new search or open a search that you want to filter

Open or create the search from the dashboard.


Or, open or create a search from the "Saved Searches" page (after clicking on "View all searches" under "Recent Searches" in the dashboard).

        2- Once the search has been created or picked (in case of an already created search),  Click on "Filter my Results" on the "Search Results" page.

        3- This will open a drop-down menu with the available filtering options/fields. 

                    a) Fill out the fields available to apply the desired filtering criteria.

                    b) (Optional) Give a unique name to your filter. If you do not name your filter, a "default" name will be applied to it. 

                    c) and click on "Apply" to run the filter and display the filtered results.

        4 - The filter you just created will be applied to the search results and the filtered results, if any, will be displayed. From there, different actions can be taken on the applied filter:

                a) You can click on "Clear Filter" on the top-right corner to clear the filter and go back to the previous search results. ***Note that this will not delete the filter but just bring you back to the "unfiltered" search results page.

                b) You can click on "Edit Current Filter" to change the filtering criteria of the specific filter you are viewing. 

                c) You can switch from one filter to another if you created multiple filters for one given search.


        1- All the filters created for a given search will appear in the search views page. Different actions can be performed on the filer(s) from the search views. To access the search views page from the search results page, click on "Manage Filters".

        2 - Different actions can be performed on the filer(s) from the search views

                    a)  Click on "Delete" to delete the filter.

                    b)  Select the legal hold check box to apply a legal hold on a particular filter.

                    c)  Click on one of the different available export formats to export the filtered results in the desired format.

                    d) Click on the filter name ("Alert" and the filtered search results will be displayed.