Changing Your Personal Settings


Manage your personal settings here.
From the "SETTINGS" tab, you can perform the following actions on your settings:

    - Modify your Account Settings:

        * Change your user name.
        * Change your first name.
        * Change your last name.
        * Change your email address. This will require that you contact your system administrator.

    - Modify your General Settings:

        * Choose a number of items displayed per search page. (Keep in mind that the search display speeds will be impacted by the number of items per page).
        * Pick a preferred default start page.
                - Admin dashboard page.
                - Search dashboard page.
                - Search list page.
                - My Archive (if end user access enabled).

        * Pick a preferred Time Zone. 

        * Pick a preferred search view:
                - Normal View: default view that displays SMTP message header and snippet of body content.
                - Original View: displays original SMTP body content as viewed by email clients.
                - Text View: displays SMTP message header and full body content with option to Expand Extra headers to expand SMTP header and X-Arc* type message headers.
                - Mini view: displays SMTP message header content only.

        * Select whether or not you wish to receive nightly emails of collection activity.         

Screenshot - Your Settings