Download a Message


My Archive allows you to download a message and/or attachment. When you choose to download a message or email-related attachment, you are asked to choose between two available download formats: original format or PDF format. The "Attachments" view might very useful if you are looking to download an email that has a specific attachment to it that you are aware of.

The PDF export option will create a PDF file from the email subject and body text. If any attachments are associated with the email, they will be listed by name at the end of the PDF.

In order to download a message and/or attachment, follow these steps:

        1. Go either to the "Messages" or "Attachments" view.
        2. Locate the message or attachment you are looking for. Refer to the quick search or advanced search pages to efficiently retrieve what you are looking for.
        3. Click on the message or attachment in the upper viewing pane so that it is highlighted, once you have found the desired message or attachment.
        4. Click on Download at the top right corner of My Archive (next to Recover and Forward).
        5. Choose and click on the desired download format: Original or PDF.

The download will start right away and will be available in your browser or downloaded files right upon completion.

Screenshot - Download a message and/or attachment