Recover a Message

NOTE: Recovering a message (and any associated attachments) to your primary mailbox can take up to 15 seconds. Please do not logout of the page until your receive a confirmation popup window!


My Archive allows you to recover a message (and any associated attachments) to your personal mailbox. This actions can be performed from both the "Messages" and "Attachments" views of My Archive.

Here are the steps to follow in order to recover a message:

        1. Go either to the "Messages" or "Attachments" view.
        2. Locate the message or email-related attachment you want to recover. Refer to the quick search or advanced search pages to efficiently retrieve what you are looking for.
        3. Click on the message or attachment in the upper viewing pane so that it is highlighted, once you have found the desired message or attachment.
        4. Click on Recover on the top right corner of My Archive (between Forward and Download).
        5. You will see a popup window confirming that the message and/or attachment has been recovered to your mailbox.

The message or attachment you selected to recover to your primary mailbox will then be available very soon in your personal mailbox.

Screenshot - Recover a message and/or attachment

Screenshot - Recover confirmation